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Level: 46
Joined: October 3rd, 2016
Location: Nebraska, I drive a tractor *no sarcasm here*
2012 XP (93 to next level)

Latest Games

I hate math Feb 23rd +3 xp


fave Youtuber pio Feb 22nd +3 xp


The Jewel Galaxys (su ripoff ;3) Feb 22nd +2 xp



Skrillex Feb 22nd +6 xp


Dorito W. Stick Arms Impersonates Bill Cipher Feb 22nd +8 xp


Bootleg link "sure. right. accidentally." Feb 22nd +5 xp


Favorite YouTuber PIO Feb 22nd +5 xp


Spider Horse! Spider Horse! Does whatever a... Feb 22nd +142 xp


Step 7: Yes. Feb 21st +3 xp


Step 3: Fall into the Bottom of the Well Feb 21st +5 xp


Mimikyu as something else pio (call top) Feb 21st +43 xp