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Lux Renati

Level: 61
Joined: October 14th, 2016
Location: Sitting by the corner.
11061 XP (701 to next level)

Latest Games

Old woman May 6th +4 xp


Duckie in my open air bathtub May 5th +361 xp


Sad Elder Ice Wizard May 5th +120 xp


Predator is ready for battle!! May 5th +158 xp


The Killer Whale/Orca. May 5th +12 xp


groot is dead inside May 5th +14 xp


Female deadpool May 5th +34 xp


Dragon breathes dragon May 5th +232 xp


Diamond Butterfly May 5th +11 xp


Dwarf forging a ice hammer May 5th +9 xp


Sonic is the ancient mummy May 5th +10 xp


the more you know! May 5th +8 xp