October 22nd, 2016   wallowing in self-pity

nexusdexus has drawn 107 drawings and authored 130 captions across 237 games. They follow 21 players and have 6 followers. They've earned a total of 324 emotes!

Octorok Mar 16th
number Mar 16th
Flamingo with mysterious grey figure Mar 16th
#Waluigi4Smash Jul 1st, 2018
Issac from The Binding of Isaac (idk) Jul 1st, 2018
Steven Universe And The Face of Nightmares Nov 7th, 2016
necessary and proper Nov 7th, 2016
W E ' R E   A L L   G O O F Y   G O O B E R S Nov 7th, 2016
Bobbeh I tell ya hwat Nov 7th, 2016
Dillon the kawaii paper bag Nov 7th, 2016
a lot of people dying Nov 6th, 2016
dog knight (undertale) Nov 6th, 2016
Gunfight at sunset Nov 6th, 2016
Middle-aged Japanese man Nov 5th, 2016
edgy bro Nov 3rd, 2016
Hey yeah, oh hey, hey yeah Nov 3rd, 2016
El Barto secret identity Nov 3rd, 2016
GRAND DAD!!!!!!!! and some Elmo bootleg Nov 3rd, 2016