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Level: 64
Joined: October 24th, 2016
Location: Perú
17565 XP (332 to next level)

Latest Games

Sherlock Holmeselmo Jul 4th +5 xp


Ruby and Sapphire Jul 2nd +1 xp


Kermit the Man and Miss Humany Jul 1st +6 xp


Yoshi riding Mario Jun 30th +94 xp


Life and death and love and birth (cont. Song) Jun 30th +12 xp


Elmo is very creepy. Jun 27th +79 xp


Hot dog cooking person Jun 27th +6 xp


Emo guy is lonely Jun 27th +8 xp


strong dude Jun 27th +12 xp


Drawception Family Jun 27th +2 xp


Smurf catches a star Jun 27th +14 xp


Lizard grandpa doing a crossword Jun 27th +6 xp