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The Frantic Defect

Level: 48
Joined: November 1st, 2016
Location: your moms house
2441 XP (81 to next level)

Latest Games

the monkey temple Jun 28th +4 xp


Game Grumps Sonic '06 PIO Jun 23rd +8 xp


Plague Knight (Shovel Knight) Jun 23rd +6 xp


Tentacle goat hugs Tadpool boy Jun 23rd +6 xp


Gen 2 Pokémon p.i.o Jun 23rd +2 xp


the emoji movie Jun 23rd +1 xp


stayin' alive Jun 23rd +1 xp


space katana guy Apr 19th +0 xp


Cute Cake will eat your soul Apr 19th +4 xp