November 13th, 2016   Way better with a pencil and paper, trust me.

Hintz has drawn 601 drawings and authored 653 captions across 1,254 games. They follow 131 players and have 139 followers. They've earned a total of 6,347 emotes!

Snake Jun 18th, 2018
Tiny picture of a drinking dancer Mar 19th, 2018
tommy wiseau is emo Dec 24th, 2017
I DID NOT HIT HER, I DID NOT! Oh hi Mark. Dec 23rd, 2017
modern art duck Dec 22nd, 2017
long homer Nov 24th, 2017
Peering through the blinds at a rave Nov 11th, 2017
scary mask of death going to watch you sleep Nov 4th, 2017
Oliver Queen Nov 3rd, 2017
Mao Zedong portrait Nov 1st, 2017
Snowy night Oct 31st, 2017
asymmetric ink blot test Oct 30th, 2017
abstract rorschach ish beaked face Oct 28th, 2017
a shawdowy face looking determined Oct 26th, 2017
Rorschach test Oct 25th, 2017
Little Shop of Horrors "Feed me Seymour!" Oct 22nd, 2017
Creepy shadow lady Oct 22nd, 2017
Drawception meets skeleton Oct 22nd, 2017