November 13th, 2016   Way better with a pencil and paper, trust me.

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yer a blizzard harry Sep 17th, 2017
James is a Flaming Moltres! Oct 26th, 2017
Favorite Studio Ghibli film (PIO please) Sep 26th, 2017
Bunny Creature Sep 1st, 2017
Tarot Card (Pass it On) Sep 1st, 2017
Congrats on 1000 followers ColeMcHowl! Aug 19th, 2017
Pass the buck Aug 15th, 2017
RIP AND TEARRRR Aug 12th, 2017
sunset in tropical paradise; palm trees Aug 10th, 2017
unicorn farts Aug 9th, 2017
palm tree Aug 5th, 2017
Waluigi joins a jpop band Aug 2nd, 2017
Metal music played by skeletons Jul 27th, 2017
This game is only captions PIO Jul 26th, 2017
skeleton made of BLOOD Jul 26th, 2017
Pearl (Splatoon 2) Jul 20th, 2017
Lemme smash Becky Jul 19th, 2017
Pull my finger PIO Jul 8th, 2017