December 7th, 2016   Bangladesh

furqanitrate has drawn 95 drawings and authored 59 captions across 154 games. They follow 23 players and have 12 followers. They've earned a total of 641 emotes!

Censored shopping trip Aug 16th, 2021
Red rat fishing under the stars Aug 16th, 2021
Alchemist fighting a giant blue kidney bean Aug 16th, 2021
crab gets hit by a walking stick Aug 16th, 2021
Blowing your nose into the toilet Aug 16th, 2021
Teen Jesus plays with fire, Mary's head ache Aug 16th, 2021
a magnet pulls a whale into the sun Aug 16th, 2021
Hitmonchan gives hitmonlee his boxing gloves Aug 16th, 2021
Talking Toilet Paper Harasses Man Aug 16th, 2021
FU cold weather Aug 16th, 2021
Pet Polar Bear Aug 15th, 2021
Jessie toy story Aug 15th, 2021
An estus flask Aug 15th, 2021
enchanted forest Aug 14th, 2021
A black scorpion made of coal dust. Aug 14th, 2021
Yellow amogus crewmate stand in the spaceship Aug 14th, 2021
two-headed man fishes up massive kiwi Aug 14th, 2021
proper serving procedures of white wine Aug 14th, 2021