April 2nd, 2012   Brisbane, Queensland

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I hate driving alone Jan 20th, 2014
The Jokes laughs out loud in a forest Jan 20th, 2014
Can St Peter be bribed? Jan 19th, 2014
Johnny Bravo uses gross pick-up line on Daria Jan 26th, 2013
The north pole has been infiltrated by carrots! Dec 14th, 2012
Thumbs up hurts blond afro man Nov 21st, 2012
Drawception doesn't cure internet addict Nov 4th, 2012
Fries dreams of not being chewed on Nov 2nd, 2012
Eve fills a pond by starlight Oct 26th, 2012
Clint Eastwood is confused Oct 20th, 2012
Louis C.K. Oct 19th, 2012
dead guy views sunset from his tomb Sep 13th, 2012
Miss Piggy after being slapped too much Sep 9th, 2012
Homeless Person asking Boy for change Sep 2nd, 2012
Any scene from Pulp Fiction Aug 17th, 2012
Adele wins grammy looking fabulous Aug 16th, 2012
Crash landing into the sea. Aug 16th, 2012
Duck anticipates impending Death! Aug 16th, 2012