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LordHelix has drawn 1,405 drawings and authored 309 captions across 1,714 games. They follow 665 players and have 544 followers. They've earned a total of 10,252 emotes!

A drunk girl sleeping May 27th
Demon anime girl May 27th
Badass Lady Dectective May 26th
Blue haired girl plays UNO May 26th
Ghoul boy May 23rd
teacher May 23rd
Yandere-Chan May 9th
two drunk dudes May 9th
pink haired girl with horns and black veil May 8th
annoying daughter is hungry again May 8th
Purple girl with cat ears May 8th
Death is grooving May 8th
It's not just a phase, mom May 3rd
Pestilence May 3rd
edgy vampire somehow is pregnant May 3rd
Man, that is one cool cat. May 2nd
Stone wants senpai to notice it Apr 27th
how does it feel to be the pet for once Apr 24th