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LordHelix has drawn 716 drawings and authored 288 captions across 1,004 games. They follow 229 players and have 179 followers. They've earned a total of 3,730 emotes!

drilldo Aug 18th
Nurse apologizes for cooking rocket Aug 10th
sad face black eyes Aug 10th
penguin is a heckin liar Aug 10th
Sometimes the simple things can turn great Aug 10th
Galarian Zigzagoon (Pokémon) Aug 9th
Dratini Martini meets Dragtini Aug 8th
Hope male doesn't see through me Aug 8th
Gost shocked by light Aug 8th
Alter-ego fanboy Aug 8th
A blushing cactus Aug 8th
Raccoon finds a Pokeball Aug 8th
Pearl in a top hat Aug 8th
zekrom Aug 7th
Anime guy refuses. Aug 7th
cute boy tries shooing a fly away Aug 7th
pewds and water sheep being cute Aug 4th
cruella de vil Aug 3rd