December 26th, 2016

DobbyTheHousElf has drawn 326 drawings and authored 450 captions across 776 games. They follow 2 players and have 8 followers. They've earned a total of 994 emotes!

Step 3: Put a cherry on top of ice cream spag May 23rd
step 5: crash into a wall Apr 10th
kyle (south park) Apr 10th
Agar.io Apr 9th
animal crossing cult Apr 8th
two dudes argue over if a phone is ringing Apr 8th
Poop is confused about being in a desert Apr 8th
road leads into the mountains Apr 7th
fish in a bubble under the sea Apr 7th
Albama singing Let it go Dec 23rd, 2019
butterfly on a book Dec 22nd, 2019
hippo Dec 17th, 2019
Step 11: arrive at the destination a hot mess Dec 17th, 2019
lazy cat eyes Dec 1st, 2019
Step 9: Live it Dec 1st, 2019
Step 3:Realize that the monitor is too narrow Oct 22nd, 2019
It's not a boulder, it's a rock! also bones Oct 22nd, 2019
Kirby as a cat Oct 2nd, 2019