December 29th, 2016

Thundere has drawn 103 drawings and authored 225 captions across 328 games. They follow 3 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 367 emotes!

kawaii friendly toaster Jan 13th, 2019
sans + infinity war "snap" Jan 13th, 2019
Google Drive Jan 13th, 2019
pikachu turns into super saiyan Jan 13th, 2019
Muffin with Rainbow Vanilla Frosting Jan 13th, 2019
strok Sep 18th, 2018
Alarm clock in a bush Sep 18th, 2018
a neon dude saying "i ded" Sep 16th, 2018
Man calls for mom cause he's bleeding Sep 16th, 2018
Silhouette of fave character pio Sep 15th, 2018
A shark in a wave Sep 15th, 2018
:3 Garfield. PASS IT ON Sep 15th, 2018
Little man with giant Poptart? Sep 9th, 2018
Fishing for Grapes Aug 17th, 2018
RIP SANIC :( Aug 17th, 2018
bunny loves steak Aug 12th, 2018
Ninja Turtle w/ braces gets High-score Aug 12th, 2018
crab hand Aug 10th, 2018