December 29th, 2016

Thundere has drawn 99 drawings and authored 218 captions across 317 games. They follow 4 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 344 emotes!

WOOMY(splatoon) Aug 7th, 2018
Bee between clouds Aug 7th, 2018
Dog going to work with a drink Aug 7th, 2018
Some guy's mum thinks Bruno M is gay. Aug 7th, 2018
FNAF SUCKS Aug 7th, 2018
OLD BOI Aug 7th, 2018
blue blob Aug 7th, 2018
Imbecile uses gay as an insult Aug 7th, 2018
Party Confetti Aug 7th, 2018
Sail Boat Purposes Aug 7th, 2018
kylo ren Jan 2nd, 2018
Happy New Year -Rudolph Jan 1st, 2018
poo ice cream Jan 1st, 2018
Pirate Muffin Dec 13th, 2017
Elephant-dog hybrid in love Dec 13th, 2017
You must Stab the big blue bear with a javelin Dec 13th, 2017
MAN BEING BAN Dec 13th, 2017
Red cups hug Dec 13th, 2017