Jacob Kenndey

January 2nd, 2017   North Carolina

Jacob Kenndey has drawn 734 drawings and authored 1,376 captions across 2,110 games. They follow 25 players and have 17 followers. They've earned a total of 2,393 emotes!

happy 4th birthday, yellmo! Oct 26th
Marill riding Moltres Oct 26th
Goblin Oct 26th
draw something that makes you smile Oct 21st
Bigfoot wearing a Coat Oct 21st
Astronaut Flying Oct 21st
Jitters (Animal Crossing) needs coffee Oct 22nd
luz owl house sings Oct 21st
Banana in my Soup Oct 21st
Free Draw. (yayyyyy) Oct 21st
Candle in the Clouds Oct 21st
imposter aw man Oct 21st
Any frog animal crossing villager Oct 21st
smile emote Oct 19th
Dungeons and Dragons Jul 2nd
your favorite Animal Crossing character Oct 20th
Jitters (Animal Crossing) May 11th
Touhou Project Mar 30th