January 17th, 2017

druse has drawn 1,101 drawings and authored 1,332 captions across 2,433 games. They follow 202 players and have 165 followers. They've earned a total of 7,763 emotes!

rabbit romance Oct 5th
sillhoutte of a dolphin in front of a sunset Oct 5th
Sheep cooking eggs Oct 5th
Realistic Pikachu Oct 5th
Angel carrot with a big yellow mustache Oct 5th
Pregnant burrito Sep 30th
Suggestive mermaid beside waterfall Sep 30th
Sunbathing bear Sep 29th
rocker chick Sep 29th
shy blonde girl with large bow Sep 29th
Man gets alien abducted AGAIN Sep 29th
Pooh Brushing Teeth Sep 29th
tree explains Drawception rules Sep 29th
Potted Cactus with Puppy Face Sep 29th
BBBRRRAAAAPPP ooh my dear what a pungent fart Sep 29th
lady with winter clothing waving a hand Sep 28th
wario flying buy farts coming out of his butt Sep 28th
happy cute narwhal Sep 27th