January 18th, 2017   https://tinyurl.com/y48lhalx

Pansear has drawn 1,261 drawings and authored 384 captions across 1,645 games. They follow 167 players and have 889 followers. They've earned a total of 19,560 emotes!

lenny faced meat says it's juicy Apr 21st
This just in, cat with buff legs takes over Apr 20th
hot wheat Apr 20th
black and white girl (very pretty) Apr 20th
Trying To Escape From Depression Apr 20th
Pansear in king dedede's outfit Apr 20th
hyakkimaru (i think) Apr 20th
Wizard takes written exam on a rainy day Apr 20th
eating pokemon for dinner Apr 20th
furries Apr 20th
Evil Easter bunny says happy Easter Apr 20th
Scorbunny Apr 19th
I don't need a true romancer Apr 19th
Cute girl Apr 18th
Lucario Apr 18th
dude showing off his c00l bone-breaking dance Apr 18th
Vinny Vinesauce Apr 18th
pansear (pokemon) Apr 18th