January 18th, 2017   Dreamyard/Pinwheel/Lostlorn/Santalune Forest

Pansear has drawn 1,378 drawings and authored 385 captions across 1,763 games. They follow 187 players and have 1,068 followers. They've earned a total of 22,239 emotes!

Jolteon watches Pansear(?) sleeping Jun 3rd
The chibi monkey mafia Jun 1st
Pansear has 1000+ followers! May 29th
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Staying up past bed time May 27th
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Alolan Sandslash is a Minnesotan Sonic May 27th
colorful variety of cute insects May 27th
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Pikachu Dies May 27th
Free Draw P11 May 27th
thanos goes to the ice cream shop May 27th