January 18th, 2017   AND THAT'S CALLED JAZZ!

Pansear has drawn 1,639 drawings and authored 406 captions across 2,045 games. They follow 210 players and have 1,652 followers. They've earned a total of 29,825 emotes!

Rabit says don't fear love Dec 3rd
Friendly Pansear and an upset Applin Dec 1st
Pansear(pokemon) threatens you for pancakes Nov 29th
Rattata having a date with dedenne (pokémon) Nov 25th
Incineroar and Isabelle with flower crowns Nov 25th
Fox and girl dance in the flowers Nov 25th
Iron Golem gives people a rose Nov 25th
chibi girl in love with chibi ghost Nov 25th
Lil' boy running after ghost girl in flowers Nov 25th
Legosi ♡ Haru Nov 24th
eevee and another pokemon got flower crowns:) Nov 24th
a zombie being a sterio typical girl Nov 24th
That anime bride is not happy. Nov 24th
pony marries dragon Nov 24th
guy with flower crown holding cat Nov 24th
BaBa is cute! Nov 24th
Frisk and Asriel hug Nov 24th
Raichu and Mimikyu make flower crowns Nov 24th