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Pansear has drawn 1,399 drawings and authored 385 captions across 1,784 games. They follow 187 players and have 1,108 followers. They've earned a total of 22,769 emotes!

Cute cat fire demon Jul 15th
monokuma likes his hot coffee Jul 9th
Pansear gets screwed by the error Jul 9th
Earthbound characters, as monkeys Jul 7th
Sad Kawaii Fire Pokemon Jul 6th
hollow knight Jul 6th
blushing lady in the middle of girrafe party Jul 6th
Sun and moon cuddle Jul 6th
Swol boi Jul 6th
T-Rex Steals Sushi Jul 6th
furry Jul 6th
Something that’s mega cursed Jul 5th
The Milk Way Jul 5th
Proud mama Jul 5th
Blobfish and seahorse. Jul 5th
person sailing loves sailing at night Jul 5th
Pansear sees its friend eat a popsicle in bed Jul 4th
dog eating pikachu icecream Jul 4th