Your Local Blurry Believ

January 30th, 2017   He/Him

Your Local Blurry Believ has drawn 311 drawings and authored 200 captions across 511 games. They follow 77 players and have 31 followers. They've earned a total of 705 emotes!

Josuke learns how to stop time Mar 13th
Step one: Eat 4-Dozen eggs as a lad Mar 12th
Ken Kaneki Mar 11th
Panel 5 is a liar! Mar 4th
Demi Lovato Mar 5th
Bruh moment Mar 4th
Batman Mar 4th
POLYTOAD!!!! Feb 27th
Nobody cares about ocean affairs Feb 24th
Draw your Smash Bros. main! Feb 19th
Worn City in the Mouth of a Great Cave Feb 18th
Kali Feb 17th
Golden depressed angel Feb 14th
Strong man bleeds Feb 12th
Rabies Shark. Doo Doo Doo Doo Jan 30th
It's the Alaskan bull worm Jan 30th
Kenku (Dungeons & Dragons) Jan 30th
a river in a woods at sunrise May 24th, 2018