February 26th, 2017   USA

Sash48 has drawn 577 drawings and authored 449 captions across 1,026 games. They follow 28 players and have 40 followers. They've earned a total of 3,166 emotes!

Mae and Bea from night in the woods Feb 13th, 2020
Cherries Jan 5th, 2020
Deadpool in the snowy winter Dec 13th, 2019
angel dust is garfield and vaggie is jon Nov 14th, 2019
Draw anyone, but genderbent Nov 14th, 2019
Untitled goose game Nov 14th, 2019
Fancy Blobfish Nov 12th, 2019
Pikachu on Steroids Nov 6th, 2019
William Afton/Purple Guy (FNaF) Nov 2nd, 2019
Dude and ghost scare eachother Oct 26th, 2019
Onion in a play wearing boots. Sep 25th, 2019
Dora has a new enemy Sep 11th, 2019
favorite movie scene Sep 10th, 2019
jotaro cosplaying as jojo siwa Jul 16th, 2019
ur smash main Jul 14th, 2019
Fire wolf Jul 14th, 2019
Sunset on ocean with three suns Jul 11th, 2019
Susie (Deltarune) Jul 10th, 2019