March 18th, 2017   LASoCal

Brand0n3500 has drawn 1,800 drawings and authored 9,827 captions across 11,627 games. They follow 4,068 players and have 1,201 followers. They've earned a total of 38,864 emotes!

South Park May 7th
eighty8 profile picture May 7th
Angry guy fights grass Apr 17th
blue haired girl lookin at cake or stew Apr 17th
guy not from kingdom hearts with the keyblade Apr 12th
Guy with HUGE amounts of cheese wants more Apr 6th
LGBTQ bear Apr 6th
Guy in plane sees god on a cloud Apr 4th
Guy doing some stretchin' Apr 4th
sweet man helping a woman with flowers up Apr 3rd
A guy promoting his subs. Apr 2nd
Octopus in the WWE Apr 2nd
Woman slaps man really close up Apr 2nd
Guy wants a pack of cigarettes Apr 2nd
Guy tells homeless guy to stop being homeless Mar 31st
when u find out that ur crush doesnt like u Mar 31st
Happy birthday drawception! Mar 26th
Drawception’s 8th Birthday Mar 26th