March 22nd, 2017   on the toilet

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weeping angel Apr 13th
mushrooms soaking in the moonlight Apr 10th
I can see the world Feb 9th
i am blue jaguar Feb 9th
Penguin goes ultra-instinct, saying the NWORD Feb 8th
JoJo reference Jan 16th
NightmareBeforeChristmas is a Halloween movie Jan 15th
man squirts milk from his eyes while burning Jan 15th
A shark who likes pink goes to mall Jan 15th
Bongo cat's third cousin PIO Jan 15th
Guy is nervous about the earth Dec 25th, 2018
A green wolf Oct 22nd, 2018
please Oct 21st, 2018
california is gonna die Oct 19th, 2018
The Pink Panther Oct 19th, 2018
Snake fighting toast with jam on it Oct 19th, 2018
step 2: name the dog Oct 7th, 2018
unicorn skeleton under full moon Oct 7th, 2018