April 2nd, 2017

sjaspeert has drawn 93 drawings and authored 288 captions across 381 games. They've earned a total of 364 emotes!

SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE!!!!!! Jan 21st, 2019
girl wants  flower to die Jan 21st, 2019
Elmo Jan 21st, 2019
Rainbow colored doughnut Jan 21st, 2019
Morty says no u Jan 20th, 2019
abstract faces Jan 19th, 2019
a dinosaur getting therapy Jan 19th, 2019
dat boi Jan 19th, 2019
SHERKKRKR Apr 17th, 2018
How to be an idiotic YouTuber 101 Apr 16th, 2018
Whomst is here? Apr 16th, 2018
".exe" "creepy" "cat" Apr 16th, 2018
Far cry 5 or far cry 3 Apr 15th, 2018
Time is up Apr 15th, 2018
man has tiny weewee Apr 15th, 2018
Free Draw PIO(Pass it on) Apr 15th, 2018
I wouldn't drink that if I were you Apr 15th, 2018
Pepe with memes injected directly in his eye Mar 2nd, 2018