April 12th, 2017   rotifre birthday bash

revvv has drawn 4,823 drawings and authored 1,283 captions across 6,106 games. They follow 541 players and have 771 followers. They've earned a total of 24,469 emotes!

Me And The Boys Jun 13th
Sword and Shield Protagonist Jun 11th
Calvin and Hobbs but Calvin is insane Jun 8th
Mew (Pokemon) Jun 6th
pikachu meme Jun 5th
congrats revvv on 10000000 followers Jun 5th
700 followers Jun 4th
Late Future Jun 4th
Snatcher from a hat in time. May 23rd
yo satan May 23rd
koe no katachi May 23rd
House on a hill May 23rd
Give the next panel a present May 21st
Sonic commits die after watching sonic movie May 20th
Game obsessed man May 21st
dragon whooshing past camera May 19th
Let's celebrate Minecraft's 10th anniversary! May 18th
Pixel art potion May 18th