April 24th, 2017   Probably Earth

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Throw myself cause no one else will Mar 28th
Zelda asks someone if a meteorite is his Mar 28th
Nemo IS the butt Mar 27th
Pikachu singing PPAP Feb 13th
fox ripoff of sonic the hedgehog Feb 13th
Garfarld saying Larsarniar Jan 12th
blue goat dragon is in love Jan 12th
2019 was poop Jan 2nd
Step 4: Become a pacifist Jan 1st
Yew Nears Jan 1st
Slime monster screaming Dec 31st, 2019
It’s Benny Worm Dec 31st, 2019
rainbow unicorn meets scary soul Dec 31st, 2019
Fish in tank says he’s in a rectangle to John Dec 31st, 2019
stinky chili pepper Dec 31st, 2019
chilling by the sea Dec 31st, 2019
smoking brocoli nerd trying to get  a girlfri Dec 31st, 2019
Markiplier says "Yes?" Dec 31st, 2019