April 24th, 2017   Probably Earth

BoredEggsBenedict has drawn 727 drawings and authored 1,437 captions across 2,164 games. They follow 4 players and have 25 followers. They've earned a total of 3,094 emotes!

the PowerPuff Girls play Mario Kart Oct 19th
Hakuna Matata what a wonderful phase Aug 15th
Steve Aug 6th
Lancer Aug 6th
square cow Aug 6th
peppa? watcha doing in my drawception Aug 6th
cloud won 2nd place Aug 6th
Getting 200 emotes on Drawception! Aug 6th
creeper tries to do math then it explodes Aug 6th
Sweaty Mario Aug 5th
Killer tomato Aug 5th
Minnow Aug 5th
Smartphone gets too smart Aug 5th
Under the umbrella Aug 5th
Shark papyrus chasing Turtle Sans Aug 5th
man has a pet slime Aug 5th
Realistic Pringle’s man Aug 5th
Reed (Drawception) But anime Aug 5th