May 4th, 2017

Tregage has drawn 59 drawings and authored 74 captions across 133 games. They follow 0 players and have 1 followers. They've earned a total of 86 emotes!

cool dude in sunglasses is on the computer Dec 23rd, 2017
A crab who is ready to die Dec 19th, 2017
Microphone makes music Dec 15th, 2017
Someone holding a baby rick Dec 13th, 2017
purple dwarf rainbow puke Dec 13th, 2017
Terrifyed violet guy looking in the mirror Nov 16th, 2017
SomeFolksAreBornMadeToWaveTheFlag(ContSong) Aug 31st, 2017
2014 PIO Aug 31st, 2017
luchador kinnikuman Aug 13th, 2017
A man-eating robot Aug 12th, 2017
Brocken skeleton Aug 12th, 2017
Mortyyy Aug 12th, 2017
TAAAANK! (Left4Dead) Aug 12th, 2017
the Witcher Jul 24th, 2017
This is a prompt. Jul 24th, 2017
That proffesor from Phineas and Ferb Jul 24th, 2017
new episode of fifi and the flower tots Jul 24th, 2017
man being bitten by termites Jul 24th, 2017