May 4th, 2017

lolsd69 has drawn 268 drawings and authored 180 captions across 448 games. They follow 6 players and have 12 followers. They've earned a total of 846 emotes!

man in red hat is fishing Jul 26th
Oh god oh no trump is no-clipping in a t pose Jun 29th
NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Jun 28th
Mouse has only one buff arm Jun 28th
Step 3: mate with the alien Jun 28th
The house from Up Jun 28th
walugenie Jun 28th
garfield undertale Jun 28th
josuke higashikata 8 (JoJolion) Jun 28th
Bikini Bottom Jun 28th
Batman and The Joker for Smash Jun 28th
Link is attacked by a mean red dragon Jun 28th
cute chubby pigeon Jun 28th
holy pickle with wings Jun 28th
Creepy elven jester Jun 27th
Octopus Jun 27th
Old memes in JJBA style Jun 24th
draw a brown skinned character Jun 24th