Leorel Fluer

May 13th, 2017

Leorel Fluer has drawn 106 drawings and authored 42 captions across 148 games. They follow 0 players and have 6 followers. They've earned a total of 340 emotes!

a boi covered in poop Jan 29th
AGT but its with jazza and satan Jan 29th
Lisa Simpson with knife Jan 29th
field of happy sunflowers in the mountains Jan 29th
Creepy yellow guy in jail planing next murder Jan 29th
Rapper thanos Jan 29th
a dog tied to crystals Oct 19th, 2019
Thanos but instead of snapping he judo chops May 10th, 2019
Ordering from menu at cannibal restaurant May 10th, 2019
Human Horse May 10th, 2019
Basic Yoga Instructor May 10th, 2019
A brain trying to get into a head May 10th, 2019
mysterious woman planting a bomb May 10th, 2019
The black plague May 10th, 2019
Where are my glasses? May 10th, 2019
Rainbow MLP in prison yard May 10th, 2019
Geeky Mule Dec 24th, 2018
A horse is operating on Windows XP Dec 24th, 2018