June 13th, 2017

doesu has drawn 39 drawings and authored 35 captions across 74 games. They follow 3 players and have 24 followers. They've earned a total of 309 emotes!

Bakura Apr 24th, 2018
sailor moon thinks book is interesting Apr 24th, 2018
duck with a knife Apr 24th, 2018
Jojo pose. Jun 18th, 2017
Ohhhh yes... Mettaton Ex Jun 18th, 2017
cezar smashed by stone cross Jun 18th, 2017
Nico Robin(one Piece) Jun 18th, 2017
Draw your favourite Jojo Stand Jun 18th, 2017
Important Videos Playlist Jun 18th, 2017
napstablook BUT INSTEAD IT WAS ME DIO Jun 18th, 2017
pokemo team roket Jun 17th, 2017
vocaloid Jun 16th, 2017
Red spy smoking his cigarette looking unamused Jun 16th, 2017
Hunter x Hunter Jun 16th, 2017
nerdy phoenix wright Jun 16th, 2017
Johnny Bravo pointing at screen Jun 16th, 2017
nermal Jun 15th, 2017
Denice the menice Jun 15th, 2017