June 13th, 2017   Under da sea

Kikimo has drawn 257 drawings and authored 41 captions across 298 games. They follow 41 players and have 51 followers. They've earned a total of 1,981 emotes!

Murder cat Nov 13th, 2018
A fox in love with a pie Nov 13th, 2018
Yellmo fights Ralsei for King of Drawception Nov 13th, 2018
hamster in a wallet Nov 12th, 2018
That face Lancer makes Nov 11th, 2018
Grumpy Cat as a flower Nov 11th, 2018
throw Simba off the cliff Nov 11th, 2018
singing bird Nov 11th, 2018
Maxwell from Scribblenauts Nov 10th, 2018
A turtle sunbathing Nov 10th, 2018
Poseidon Nov 9th, 2018
Minun and plusle fused into one Nov 9th, 2018
panda Nov 9th, 2018
Ralsei (Deltarune) Nov 9th, 2018
Charizard used Flamethrower! Dec 30th, 2017
Jake Paul institutes a new world order Dec 28th, 2017
Khonjin House PIO Dec 28th, 2017
Edd and Gabe the Doggo in Heaven Dec 28th, 2017