Fred the Potato

June 14th, 2017   School be wack

Fred the Potato has drawn 1,532 drawings and authored 324 captions across 1,856 games. They follow 325 players and have 601 followers. They've earned a total of 15,422 emotes!

Guy playing on a phone Aug 17th
Bill cipher
Aug 17th
ungalo. unga unga unga unga unga unga unga un Aug 17th
Joseph Joestar Aug 17th
Sad bee Aug 17th
JoJo ship Aug 17th
Dental Hygiene but it's a Jojo reference Aug 17th
drawception 'D' Aug 17th
Pouring stuff into a beehive Aug 17th
Giorno drinks starbucks Aug 17th
Potato thinks hes a pear Aug 17th
Alien insults Aug 17th
giorno and his stand Aug 17th
Jotaro Kujo Aug 17th
Dio holding his knifes Aug 17th