June 17th, 2017   Tools and games: http://heracleum.org/dc/

Heracleum has drawn 4,759 drawings and authored 88 captions across 4,847 games. They follow 577 players and have 3,930 followers. They've earned a total of 137,857 emotes!

- draw something sad Nov 12th
vlad the impaler Nov 12th
Castle Nov 11th
superwoman Nov 11th
Dio glomps confused Yellmo Nov 11th
Dark Rey (Star Wars) Nov 4th
Gyro Zeppeli is not amused Nov 3rd
She reads a letter, misses a friend in autumn Nov 3rd
A kiss in the back seat of a taxi Nov 1st
198XAD (album) Oct 31st
Ant-Man Oct 31st
Detailed Plague Doctor Oct 29th
nicholas cage is a VSCO girl Oct 25th
Kinda like the Windows logo, with circuits Oct 24th
Drawception D examining color palettes Oct 7th
anime police woman Oct 6th
cabin in the woods Oct 6th
Mind Electric Oct 3rd