Claudia Mason

June 24th, 2017

Claudia Mason has drawn 324 drawings and authored 617 captions across 941 games. They follow 8 players and have 6 followers. They've earned a total of 919 emotes!

Boiled Computer Mouse for Dinner Tonight Jan 12th, 2021
Deformed man checks his twitter Jan 12th, 2021
Man on Loch Ness with a gun that shoots worms Aug 30th, 2020
Confused orange guys inside purple liquid Aug 29th, 2020
Pickle is concerned with loaf of bread Jul 9th, 2020
Tiger mad it broke its teeth biting something Apr 19th, 2020
Lady sits on bench with her robot dog Apr 19th, 2020
what if u wanted heaven but god said corolla Mar 6th, 2020
Snek Mar 1st, 2020
Step 11: naruto run away from the cops Dec 16th, 2019
Man standing in field speaks ancient language Dec 13th, 2019
Guns Killed the Dinosaurs Dec 13th, 2019
VIBE CHECK Dec 8th, 2019
youtube is confused Dec 7th, 2019
tasty burger Oct 21st, 2019
apple bobbing Aug 6th, 2019
Knock off Xbox called the hexbox Jul 23rd, 2019
fingergun at a box Jul 2nd, 2019