June 30th, 2017

Joerismi has drawn 137 drawings and authored 84 captions across 221 games. They follow 0 players and have 14 followers. They've earned a total of 690 emotes!

spaghetti wine Feb 15th
diaper hanging on security camera with hook Oct 7th, 2021
city buildings, dark greens, blues, and reds Oct 4th, 2021
Peanutception Sep 23rd, 2021
Ghost of the elements! Sep 22nd, 2021
Cute goldfish Sep 22nd, 2021
uhh.. expiriements on human ass lmao Sep 22nd, 2021
Dinosaur wearing Gloves Sep 21st, 2021
Super creepy white balloon. Sep 20th, 2021
Double Dee Sep 18th, 2021
Fire breathing nessie in a cave Jul 11th, 2021
Shark is friendly, fish is surprised Jul 10th, 2021
gingerbread boys scared of sock Jul 10th, 2021
Mutant cow finds bird's nest Jul 10th, 2021
Evil Albert Einstein Jul 10th, 2021
fire friends with legs talking about celery Jul 10th, 2021
Monster chest
Jul 10th, 2021
red devil drives on banana Jul 9th, 2021