July 3rd, 2017

golde has drawn 419 drawings and authored 876 captions across 1,295 games. They follow 140 players and have 45 followers. They've earned a total of 1,473 emotes!

hairless rat Jan 15th
Raccoon Fishing Jul 16th, 2018
Furret wants to be in a Top Game Jul 10th, 2019
A very clever-looking animal Jul 2nd, 2019
Vaporeon Jul 2nd, 2019
2 Eevees Fall In Love Jul 1st, 2019
Hurricane Harry wearing Cubone's skull Jun 21st, 2019
Fav Pokémon Free Draw Jun 19th, 2019
Prompt (e.g., A cow jumping over the moon) Jun 14th, 2019
Step 1; die Jun 5th, 2019
cute cat with a beautiful moustache Jun 3rd, 2019
draw whatever you want Jun 1st, 2019
If Sans had a Youtube account Dec 21st, 2018
Gril holds hands with secret stalker Dec 15th, 2018
No internet dinosaur wearing sunglasses Nov 27th, 2018
Axolotls Nov 23rd, 2018
fox sleeping next to a bunny Nov 23rd, 2018
Betty Boop Actor Oct 17th, 2018