July 7th, 2017

Janbreur has drawn 11,085 drawings and authored 8,822 captions across 19,907 games. They follow 119 players and have 379 followers. They've earned a total of 53,118 emotes!

a girl with a toothpick in her mouth Dec 12th
Pouring milk into water Dec 12th
Emo Dec 12th
Wookie drinking tequila Dec 12th
Iron man Dec 12th
Salt shaker Dec 12th
Donut Fantasy Dec 12th
Mouse eating a sentient nut Dec 12th
Centaur got decapitated Dec 12th
A girl and her Lamia friend Dec 12th
Shirtless shades dude punches ninjas head off Dec 12th
joker vs. goku Dec 12th
Turtle (Bluerunner12 will draw the phrase) Dec 12th
Sad person with headphones on in corner Dec 12th
Pink haired girl sings LOUDLY Dec 12th
Person wants to be picked for something Dec 11th
Orange Christ walking on water Dec 11th
Dinosaur Jungle Dec 11th