July 10th, 2017

rororo has drawn 745 drawings and authored 289 captions across 1,034 games. They follow 53 players and have 53 followers. They've earned a total of 2,945 emotes!

Ron Weasly Oct 1st
Harry potter song Oct 1st
A little bit of MONIKA by my side... Sep 30th
A flying demon with a sword in a storm Sep 30th
Dude got new fancy shoes Sep 30th
Spiderman dog Sep 30th
i lost something Sep 30th
Eyeball mugs leaf Sep 29th
B Flat calls man liberal Sep 29th
Evil toddler spells HAHAH with letter blocks Sep 29th
Lego Business Man Sep 29th
(drawception drawing drawception)-ception Sep 29th
step 3: kill dog and eat it Sep 29th
Ocean water and cloud water are dating Sep 29th
Dead forest on moonlit night Sep 29th
Step 4: eat the snake!! Sep 29th
Sans and papyrus on a hill Sep 29th
Frog King with tongue out Sep 29th