July 11th, 2017   Brazil

Lauciano has drawn 345 drawings and authored 794 captions across 1,139 games. They follow 65 players and have 20 followers. They've earned a total of 1,269 emotes!

OOF green gelatin Nov 11th
Pizza cargo Oct 29th
Sad Clown and Horse Aug 31st
Bus Aug 30th
A pinkish vase with different colour flowers Aug 30th
tiny lonely man Aug 29th
superhero wearing suit and red cape waves Aug 15th
Unicorn ate its kidney Jul 29th
LGBTQ+ hot air balloon Jul 29th
Cool square Jul 29th
road to area 51 Jul 29th
man at alphabet party Jul 9th
dead chef Jul 8th
Thief steals gold coins. Jul 8th
Woman refuses drink Jul 8th
So scary qwq Jul 8th
World Map Jul 4th
man askin anoter man with long arms question Jul 4th