July 11th, 2017   Brazil

Lauciano has drawn 343 drawings and authored 794 captions across 1,137 games. They follow 65 players and have 20 followers. They've earned a total of 1,261 emotes!

Depressing abstract art Jul 30th
colorful view of space Jul 29th
Badass unicorn with a scar Jul 29th
Lord And Saviour Speedwagon Jul 29th
Sylveon! Jul 29th
Cool Chimera Jul 29th
"Hell is paved with good intentions" Jul 29th
Zombie Hugging Jul 29th
Doll Princess Jul 29th
Barbie from 10,000 B.C. Aug 20th, 2018
The superior siege engine Nov 21st, 2017
sexy cactus Jul 28th
beautiful sun-set proposal disintegrates girl Jul 28th
Lisa Simpson but something is TERRIBLY wrong Jul 28th
A Crab Dreaming Jul 27th
Link (From any Zelda game) Jul 26th
Nebula (MCU) is stalked by an obsessed fan. Jul 26th
Exposed broken bone Jul 25th