July 11th, 2017   Brazil

Lauciano has drawn 343 drawings and authored 794 captions across 1,137 games. They follow 65 players and have 20 followers. They've earned a total of 1,262 emotes!

Snizzy snazzy gold cat Jul 11th
Pet Python Jul 12th
Peacock from your Nightmares Jul 12th
You Jul 12th
Draw your oldest oc in the worst way possible May 29th
Horror of horrors Jul 8th
Pink haired woman on I pad in blizzard Jul 8th
IDK lol! (PIO) Jul 8th
dead chef Jul 8th
book cover: how to avoid huge ships Jul 8th
Link climbs a Sheikah Tower Jul 8th
Astronaut looking at dozens of planets Jul 5th
A snake in a vest Jul 4th
Slug with a shell Jul 4th
Beach Jul 4th
bites za dusto Jul 4th
the knights who say NE Jul 4th
Blue dragon guards his treasure Jul 3rd