July 15th, 2017   Hanging out on discord.gg/ZmFzcmu

Soupsoup has drawn 264 drawings and authored 293 captions across 557 games. They follow 124 players and have 74 followers. They've earned a total of 2,116 emotes!

Back to the future Jun 30th
gaster fading into the void (sad) Jun 29th
Step 1: Plan the revolution Jun 17th
kung fu panda pio May 31st
A Red Ninja Rises From The Darkness... Jun 4th
Tide Pool is bad Jun 3rd
Free Draw Jun 3rd
flowery mountain range Jun 3rd
a crystal cavern Jun 2nd
Ghostly GoblinShark Jun 2nd
Crabapple Jun 2nd
Draw a scene from your last dream Jun 2nd
Scifi Ninja Jun 2nd
Alone in the cosmos May 20th
John Wick May 28th
Red XIII May 27th
Uber buff magikarp May 26th
Une belle pieuvre! May 26th