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Jimison3 has drawn 651 drawings and authored 1,156 captions across 1,807 games. They follow 91 players and have 327 followers. They've earned a total of 9,495 emotes!

Draw a self portrait! PIO please. Sep 27th
Spiderman chillin', needs haircut, COVID Sep 27th
Playful Toad Sep 27th
Sunset Sep 26th
Guy hates Drawception winning Sep 26th
The almighty pineapple Sep 26th
Bear thinking of a candy cane Sep 26th
Cat Stocks Sep 26th
Orca Sep 26th
Elderly fish Sep 26th
santa Sep 26th
person holding urine Sep 26th
pile of lemons Sep 26th
Lime slays a lemon Sep 26th
Kratos is a caring father Sep 26th
A cat in a hot shack among the snow Sep 26th
Seal with top hat sitting at coffeeshop Sep 26th
firework rocket Sep 26th