July 28th, 2017

Swagger has drawn 212 drawings and authored 190 captions across 402 games. They follow 2 players and have 4 followers. They've earned a total of 472 emotes!

Giant cat head in the sky May 1st, 2020
thicc spongebob crab
Jan 17th, 2020
TwT face anime girl
Jan 12th, 2020
Roblox oof meme Jan 11th, 2020
cat in a box
Jan 11th, 2020
A new D ecade (drawception D) Jan 1st, 2020
Christmas Tree Runs Away Dec 19th, 2019
Bruh moment
Dec 19th, 2019
A can of Sprite Nov 28th, 2019
Happy birthday! Nov 18th, 2019
A really weird bomb Nov 18th, 2019
bee in the sky Nov 17th, 2019
Ghost looks at the mirror, gets scared Oct 26th, 2019
turtle in jail Oct 25th, 2019
h a m b u r g e r Oct 25th, 2019