August 3rd, 2017   Abrantes, Portugal

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Rudolph sniping a snowman Jun 5th
tired kid showing mom his "great" grades Jun 2nd
BOB Jun 1st
bright rainbow Jun 1st
Bear Jun 1st
black heart surrounded by colorful candies Jun 1st
adventure on a field May 31st
ape is crying #ewwww May 31st
YouTube comments on cellphone May 31st
A fat person floating over a grassy field May 31st
mooseman sees a red car driving downhill May 31st
Dinosaur Protecting Eggs May 31st
The Last Panel Is The Final Boss May 30th
Ginger Gal punches Blonde Man May 30th
the bible is a scrabble (Scarab) May 30th
countdown P.I.O. May 30th
Donald.T loves his peanut butter jar daughter May 30th
look at the size of this lad May 30th