Sweet Roll

August 6th, 2017

Sweet Roll has drawn 22 drawings and authored 36 captions across 58 games. They've earned a total of 58 emotes!

A tire says something interesting. Aug 13th, 2017
Sans' eyes are censored Aug 13th, 2017
chaos Aug 8th, 2017
Bee drill / the bee movie Aug 8th, 2017
Green Gem Aug 8th, 2017
No magic sign Aug 7th, 2017
side view of an action manga Aug 7th, 2017
Link as a duck Aug 7th, 2017
Knuckles warns not to steal the chaos emerald Aug 7th, 2017
What if humans burrowed underground like ants Aug 7th, 2017
The Moon quits orbiting the Earth Aug 7th, 2017
Easter Island statue Aug 7th, 2017
buff man holds unreadable sign Aug 7th, 2017
sock puppet dog borks Aug 7th, 2017
Missing every Pokeball you throw in Pokemon GO Aug 6th, 2017
Your account on a nutshell Aug 6th, 2017
cry-laughing emoji Aug 6th, 2017
knight Aug 6th, 2017