Scheherazade Osterreich

August 28th, 2017   Mehran, Ilam

Scheherazade Osterreich has drawn 262 drawings and authored 178 captions across 440 games. They follow 57 players and have 154 followers. They've earned a total of 4,060 emotes!

Snail-Ear Feb 5th, 2020
Favorite Touhou character, PIO! Mar 11th, 2018
Remilia Scarlet Feb 28th, 2018
Momiji Inubashiri Feb 12th, 2018
Freedraw fire pio Feb 10th, 2018
free draw (PIO) Jan 12th, 2018
Earth-chan Dec 21st, 2017
Sorry Maria, your prince is in another castle Dec 16th, 2017
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an anime cat Dec 11th, 2017
Scheherazade Osterreich's OC Dec 11th, 2017
Fire breathing dragon Nov 1st, 2017
Mima is best Touhou Sep 16th, 2017
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Happy 10th birthday Hatsune Miku! (PIO) Aug 31st, 2017
Woll Smoth Sep 1st, 2017
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An elephant brushing its teeth Sep 1st, 2017