September 3rd, 2017   Death Valley National Park

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Grookey Nov 17th
Dio doing the succ Nov 13th
help Nov 13th
Confused Abstract Squidward Nov 13th
poo monster Nov 13th
Your crush informs you it is 11:27 PM Nov 11th
Carrot star Nov 11th
crazy banana in orange baseball hat Nov 11th
Soviet drawception Nov 8th
Moutain creek into a meadow Nov 8th
Bubblegum falls in love with a virus Nov 8th
mountain landscape at night Nov 8th
Mallard sees a heart-shaped bubble Nov 7th
A gorilla throws a barrel at a man Nov 7th
Fertilization Nov 7th
chocolate brick Nov 7th
Superman flying in the night Nov 6th
To Kill a Mockingbird Nov 6th