September 3rd, 2017

PenSith has drawn 463 drawings and authored 182 captions across 645 games. They follow 5 players and have 21 followers. They've earned a total of 1,922 emotes!

Alpacas watching a Sunset Sep 12th
Duck from alternate dimension duck song w/gun Feb 23rd
santa murders a child Nov 30th, 2019
The graves are alive Nov 30th, 2019
Mowing the lawn at sunset Nov 29th, 2019
medusa turned a worm into stone Nov 29th, 2019
Cat in a Box Apr 26th, 2019
man collects the world's shame Apr 25th, 2019
Seagull Apr 25th, 2019
An angry grape Apr 25th, 2019
T series conquers world Feb 22nd, 2019
murderers Feb 22nd, 2019
proof that the earth is not flat Dec 21st, 2018
MLG Critical Hit Dec 21st, 2018
gravestone on the moon Dec 21st, 2018
magic mushroom Dec 21st, 2018
dizzy bee Dec 21st, 2018
Inception Aug 24th, 2018