October 6th, 2017

RoxyRose has drawn 175 drawings and authored 298 captions across 473 games. They follow 62 players and have 13 followers. They've earned a total of 665 emotes!

Thranduil Sep 18th
1840’s orphan in a top hat Sep 6th
Doctor Strange! (Avengers) Aug 22nd
Spiderman's eyes on a spiderweb Jul 31st
(24 Player) FREE DRAW Aug 3rd
nasa black hole Jul 29th
Kermaid Jul 28th
ruler of the deceased moon Jul 22nd
Sunset on a mountain range Jul 13th
Candied Carnotaurus Jul 6th
blobfish wants some love Jul 3rd
lovebirds Jul 4th
Step 2: Make it double. Jul 2nd
Miles Morales infront of city nightscape May 16th
Old times aero plane in the clouds May 14th
Getting little too close to Spider-Man's head May 15th
Into the SuperVerse(SpiderVerse but Superman) Mar 20th
iron man dies (infinity gauntlet comics) Apr 27th