October 19th, 2017   a dashboard, underneath the burning hot sun

yaheg has drawn 3,185 drawings and authored 2,114 captions across 5,299 games. They follow 194 players and have 734 followers. They've earned a total of 21,241 emotes!

pumpkin pigeon Oct 30th
Draw-Fu! Oct 30th
D4C Oct 28th
Drawception, but they can levitate. Oct 23rd
Watching you emoji Oct 22nd
trump but he a printer Oct 22nd
you are always on my mind... Oct 22nd
Magic mushroom Oct 21st
These are two guns Oct 21st
Buff Crow Oct 21st
favorite jjba(jojo) stand PIO Oct 20th
Demonic pigeon Oct 20th
Building with tires says e32k19 Oct 19th
Soneones drawversary. Yay. Oct 19th
Walking my rad key Oct 19th
Myth: Broing prompts get better art??? Oct 4th
Barack supports Vaping (EPIC) Oct 4th
Draw something white on yellow background Oct 4th