Dis dude is cool

October 21st, 2017   Green Dolphin Street Prison, California

Dis dude is cool has drawn 308 drawings and authored 150 captions across 458 games. They follow 15 players and have 16 followers. They've earned a total of 814 emotes!

Mountain that is made of a face Sep 24th
Fake calculus textbook Sep 22nd
Raw hotdogs are yummy Sep 21st
Rudinn ranger Jul 8th
White man rejects the needs of colored people Jul 8th
grey pig stick thing Jul 8th
Hash Jul 8th
Spongebob is afraid of 2 smiling stickmen Jul 8th
jack climbing up that beanstalk Jul 8th
fugo? more like fugone. Jul 8th
BMO eating fin cake Jun 18th
larry the lobster Jun 17th
cashier Jun 17th
Red baby on RR tracks through mountain pass Jun 17th
chisled sunflower plays piano Jun 16th
Coca-cola cake Jun 16th
Bug is sad as human chops up food Jun 2nd
a bird is upside down Jun 2nd